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The Stampede Project consists of a diverse set of people from all of the world. While some are very experienced programmers, some are web developers, and so on, many are just casual open source software users that want to do their part to help in the development of Linux and the open source movement. So, even if you're just a casual Linux user, you too can help us out! Just visit our volunteer page for more information on joining the Stampede team. We will have more information on this page detailing all of those hard workers who have volunteered their time for the development of Stampede soon, so check back!

Here is a list of the current Stampede developers. Most of us hang out on #Stampede on the Open Projects IRC network.
  • MysticOne, Daniel Prather
  • Scizo, Jimmy Selgen
  • RedBishop, W. J. Meijer
  • Lethal, Paul Mundt
  • Pasti, Mikko Lipasti
  • DraX, Alex Botero-Lowry
  • Xerithane, Jason Shirley
  • LinuxKnight, Matt McKenzie
  • lar1, Jon Lawton
  • Rommell, Stephan Nilsen
  • Oran/Nevarrie, Jeremy Grant
  • Melinda, Melinda Hicks
  • Jiya, Jiya Perez
As stated above, more information will come as we get a chance to put it on the site. Thanks! :)

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