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Need help with your Stampede installation, or simply want to help others with Stampede? You can join us on IRC! Stampede Linux has a channel on the Open Projects IRC network, and you can usually find developers and users hanging out in #Stampede. Simply point your IRC client to, or

We also have a number of mailing lists you may subscribe to for discussions and up to date information on the status of Stampede Linux. The available lists are ...


Everyone that's running Stampede or interested in its development should subscribe to this list. This is where we make our distribution announcements.


This mailing list is for security issues which relate to Stampede such as announcements on package updates due to security problems. Everyone should subscribe to this list, especially if your system is connected to a network.


This mailing list is for discussions on software created by the Stampede team for use with Stampede Linux.


This mainig list concerns Stampede Linux Documentation discussions.

stampede-linux-user This mailing list is for help and discussions regarding usage of the Stampede Linux Distribution.

To subscribe to a mailing list, you can click on the appropriate link above, or you can send a message to majordomo at stampede dot org, and in the body enter the word "subscribe", followed by the list name (without quotes).

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